Tattoo Removal

Black Hatchet Tattoo Co. provides laser tattoo removal via Removery Laser Center. 

When considering a coverup tattoo your artist may suggest laser tattoo removal before getting started on your new tattoo. Black Hatchet Tattoo Co. has partnered with Removery to provide our clients with tattoo removal. When considering working with a tattoo removal partner; experience, protocol, and technology made a major impact in deciding to work with Removery. Ricky and the team's main concern is making sure our clients have safe FDA approved laser technology and tattoo removal treatments delivered by tattoo removal industry experts.


Laser Tattoo Removal focuses light energy to flow through the surface of your skin in a nanosecond... That's really quick! So quick that it doesn't have time to harm the surrounding skin. The tattoo ink is the only thing that the laser can see. When the laser hits the ink it shatters the particle into a small enough size for your body to digest naturally like any other unnatural substance. This process is approved by the FDA and is not known to be harmful. When considering a coverup tattoo, the quality of skin after tattoo removal is important to your artist.  Laser tattoo removal is the safest way to remove a tattoo without harming the dermis. 




Black Hatchet Tattoo clients ask, "Can you really tattoo over laser tattoo removal?" In most cases, the answer is yes. Skin fatigue and overall skin quality are far better after laser tattoo removal than other methods of tattoo removal. We recommend laser to anyone looking to get a coverup tattoo. 



  What to talk about with your tattoo artist when getting a coverup tattoo:

  • Given the saturation of the tattoo, how many sessions will it take before we can get started covering the tattoo? 
  • What to do after a laser session, aftercare. 
  • Explain what specific areas your tattoo artist wants to be faded or removed. 
  • Do the colors in my tattoo matter for tattoo removal? 

Booking a tattoo removal appointment or free consultation is easy. 

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