Here at Black Hatchet, we offer the highest quality & completely custom work in all of Connecticut. Providing each client with a tattoo that they will be proud to wear for the rest of their life is our daily goal. We focus on the longevity of our work, not just the immediate gratification of a nice tattoo. Ultimately, we care what it will look like 10, 20 years from now, and have focused our technique so our work can withstand time. THIS is something that sets us apart from others. You are investing in a tattoo that will look great for many years to come, not just when you leave our door. Please reach out via our contact form with any questions or to book an appointment!

How should I prepare for my appointment?

*We require photo identification for all ages to be present on the day of your scheduled appointment. Valid forms include; Passport, State ID, Permit, and Driver's License. Without any of the following listed, you will NOT get tattooed*

It is very important that you eat before your appointment.  Even if you are too nervous to eat you need to force yourself to do so.  Being tattooed affects your blood sugars which can drop, causing people to pass out mid-tattoo.  Please bring snacks/lunch if you are sitting for a multi-hour sitting.  We provide candy, coffee, and water during your time here.  Please be smart-minded in what you wear on the day of your appointment.  Ask your artist if you are unsure what attire would be best for the location of your tattoo. Be sure to dress appropriately for your appointment. Wear older clothes in case you get ink on them. If you’re getting your arm tattooed it might be best to wear a tank top. If you're getting your upper leg or hip tattooed it's a good idea to wear a bathing suit bottom that ties on the sides. You can also bring a blanket with you as the process of getting tattooed can make you cold. It's not a bad idea to bring a pillow as well.


Do I need to schedule a consultation?

No, you are welcome to stop by at any time to speak with the artist you are interested in booking with.  These types of meetings normally last 10-15 minutes.  We ask that you bring in any reference pictures and have a solid idea of your tattoo location, if you want black or grey/color and desired size.  Answering these questions correctly from the start will allow your artist to properly quote your tattoo.  We recommend giving the shop a call before you come to double-check that the artist is in that day. 


Do you require a deposit to book an appointment?

YES.  We require a $50 deposit for all tattoos under 2 hours and a $100-$300 deposit for all longer sittings.  DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE but will be applied to the final cost of your tattoo.  They can be made in person, via phone, or by emailed invoice.  They can NOT be paid with a gift card.


Do you do piercings?

No.  We are a tattoo only shop.  We strongly recommend checking out our friends at Black Diamond Body Piercing in West Hartford for all your piercing and jewelry needs, they are worth the drive!  

Check out their website here:


Scared of the pain?

If you are interested in getting a larger tattoo but are concerned about sitting for a multi-hour tattoo, we do offer a numbing product. This lidocaine product is formulated to effectively relieve pain during the tattooing process. This product only works effectively after the tattoo has been started, it will not numb closed skin. This product can only be used for multiple hour tattoos. If you are interested in using this product please tell your artist ahead of time. 


What do I need to know about Aftercare?

Each artist tends to know how his or her work heals best. Also, clients who have been tattooed before often know how their skin reacts to different healing methods. When you get tattooed here, we will go over in detail with you what we recommend. We may discuss different methods with you if you have had a ‘rough heal’ in the past or if you are allergic to certain ointments or lotions.

You will leave our shop with a piece of RECOVERY DERM SHIELD on your tattoo.  This bandage is included in the price of your tattoo and can be worn for 24 hours.  We strongly recommend purchasing a second sheet of Recovery Derm Shield for $5 a sheet.

This second sheet can be used for an additional 5 days. Recovery Derm Shield protects your tattoo completely which reduces the chance of any infection or irritation to your tattoo.  The Recovery Derm Shield is water-resistant and can be kept on in the shower. It is important that you do not go swimming in pools, lakes, or hot tubs until the tattoo is fully healed. The Recovery Derm Shield is also not UV resistant and is best to avoid the sun until your tattoo is healed. Following the removal of the second Recovery Derm Shield, apply scent-free lotion or lotions approved for tattoos.  

Learn more about Recovery After Care:

Suggested lotion and soap products:


How long does it take to heal a new tattoo?

There are different stages of the healing process. In the first week, your skin pores may still be open and susceptible to infection. During this time the tattoo should be cared for and kept clean diligently. The second week it will look great but might still be sensitive to chlorine pools or saltwater. It will be a full three or four weeks before the new skin that grows over your tattoo is completely back to normal.


How much is my tattoo going to cost?

To give you the most accurate quote for your tattoo it is best to come down to the shop and discuss your tattoo idea with your artist.  Your artist will need to know what the content will be, where it is going, the size, and if it will be black/grey or color.  No two tattoos that we do here are the same so it is impossible to give a correct price without the above information.  


How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

You must be 16-18 years old with BOTH parents in-person written consent.  The child’s birth certificate showing both legal parents must be presented as well as the minor's valid form of ID (i.e Drivers license, passport, permit, State ID)  If for any reason both parents are not in the picture we need legal proof of sole custody.  If you can not meet these requirements then you need to wait until your 18th birthday.  We also have the right to turn down any tattoo idea that we do not think a 16-year-old will be happy with later on in life.  We will not tattoo any 16/17 year old’s face, neck, hands, fingers, or head.    


Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards BUT your artist would appreciate it if you paid & tipped in cash!


Do you allow children in the shop?

Please keep all children under the age of 16 at home.  We love seeing adorable children but unfortunately, they are very disruptive to our artists and are a safety concern.



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